“I didn't think I would ever have the confidence in my smile, and my fear of dentists kept me from doing anything about it. Best experience I've ever had. Dr. Wakim and his staff are amazing!!! and my veneers turned out beautiful. Thanks again for everything.. I'll definitely recommend your office every time.".
- Amber Marie

"My husband struggled for many years with major dental problems which affected many areas of his life, happiness and our relationship as well. Facing his fears and tackling the dental recovery work was a very difficult personal journey for my husband. As I began calling local dentists and briefly sharing the story, I knew I had landed in the perfect place while speaking the first time with Chris. She assured me that Dr. Wakim and the other professionals would address my husband's fears and work with him to overcome the obstacles and provide excellent care and understanding. I have not been disappointed in any work or care that he has received. He smiles more now, and has regained some lost confidence. In fact, at his most recent physical, the Dr., who has known him for many years, stated he looked better than he had in years! My husband can now eat many foods that for so long he had avoided. I can't express the gratitude and love I have for ALL in this remarkable office who are changing lives each and everyday. For Dr. Wakim, I just can't say thank you enough for taking the challenge , traveling the journey with my husband, and blessing him with not only a wonderful smile, but a very healthy future as well. The day I made that first inquiry call was the beginning of my husband's new life in so many ways. Though I really had to drag him to the office originally, he now goes faithfully and happily. Please know that I am full of respect, love and gratitude for each of the members in this phenomenal, life changing office. I say "don't walk, run" and see for yourselves what new possibilities are within your reach at Wakim Dentistry!!"
- Karen H.

Dr. Wakim, Thank you for all you do. Everyone I know loves the work you have done on my teeth.
- Thanks, Rowena

Dr. Wakim...... Everyone, I want to thank you so much for all your great work. The first pic is from last summer (2001). I was at the lake and had caught the biggest of stringer of fish I ever had...so I couldn't help but show the biggest smile I had... Its one of the VERY FEW pictures you'll ever see of me showing me teeth. I've always been so self conscious about it. The second picture is from today (2002) after I'd just gotten home from your office. I can't tell you how good I feel about my new smile.... lol.... actually I can easily..... I'm soooo pleased with everything. It is going to take a while for my muscles in my cheeks to get to working so I can really show off my smile. Not long though...lol....been getting a lot of practice already... You folks were almost as excited about it as me today. You are a great group of people.
- Thanks again, Brian

I just want to thank you for the wonderful treatment I received. Also your staff.
- Harry

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new teeth. I really, really like them. You are all so nice it makes going to the dentist bearable. You know what a baby I am!
- Marsha

Dr. Wakim & Staff, Thank you for all the years of above & beyond service. Our family felt like part of you family for years. We believe since 1988 WOW! Your office was always warm and friendly. We still miss all of you. When we come to town - we'll come in and see you guys. Thanks again for always making us feel welcome and that we didn't have the worst teeth even though we were always coming in for something. You’re great!
- Sean, Wendy, Christina, Cameron, Miranda

Dear Dr. Wakim & Girls, People like all of you make the world a better place to live in. I love you all so much.
- Love, Ellie

Dear Dr. Wakim & Staff, To an office full of class, the great ladies and Dr. Wakim, thank you for all the cards. It was really nice. Dr. Tony, you and yours are the best.
- Kimberly

Dear Dr. Wakim & Staff, Is this a smile of a happy man or what!
- Harry

To my favorite Dentist, (and husband) Thanks for my makeover, several people have told me I look 10 years younger!!!
- Love, Mimi

Dear Tony, Thank you for your recent care of one of our Treehouse moms! Tony, your time and gift of dental work is worth more than any words that I could use to describe her appreciation. Thank you truly does not seem sufficient so please know that your good deed is appreciated. May God always bless you & your family!
In Christ, - Renée